Saturday, May 12, 2012

Borůvková hora OK/OL-019, Koníček OK/OL-022

My first visit in north part of Rychleby mountains. I activated of Borůvková hora (Blueberry Mount) and Koníček (Little Horse). On Koniček it was the first HF activation.

04:17 Alarm clock is ringing. My wife continues in the sleeping.
04:25 I get up. My wife is snoring
05:15 My old car is starting engine.
06:20 I'm parking next to Braná railway station
06:40 Train to Lipová lazně (Bath Lipova) is arriving.  After that - Silesian Semmering (museum of Semmering)
07:25 Lipová lázně train stop, the change on bus to Javornik
08:15 Javorník bus station, change on bus to Travná (I recommend to wait few minutes, bus to Travna should go on 8:15 but it arrived 8:20)
08:30 Travná final bus stop, 490m asl
09:45 Borůvková hora
10:02 I leave home my logbook, :-(, I wrote first QSO with DL3HXX on a ticket, a lot of SOTA in the air
10:20 A big group of tourist is coming on top, it's getting be noisy here. SRI QRT
10:36 The descend, I meet a lot of people who ask me: How far is the tower, how far is the top, how long we have to go, etc. ?
11:07 The saddle above Travna, 670m asl
11:12 The walking on border line, old and very long trenches (probably from II. war - 1945)
11:45 Hurry up, my huge sweaty forehead, the bus will come 14:05 from Travna.
12:06  OL-022, I made only four QSOs, I have to go to bus.
13:50  The thirst, water doesn't flow from pump on Travna cemetry
14:05 Bus is going
15:30 One Birell in Lipova lazne railway station pub. It tastes good.

listing from sotawatch (06.05.2012)
Sun 08:01OK1TGI/P on OK/OL-0197.033 cw
(Posted by DL3HXX)

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