Saturday, December 10, 2011

OK/PA-018 Liticky Chlum - second visit

SOTAWATCH 19.11.2011
Sat 14:14OK1TGI/P on OK/PA-018
7.032,4 cw

(Posted by DL6KVA)

Litice - railway station
Under castle



First attemp with 7MHz dipol.
It looked like better than 20m LW


  1. Hello Igor,
    congratulations to successful use of dipole for the SOTA purposes. It is great to read that the dipole worked better than long wire you used before.

    Wish you a Merry Christmas, good health and many great SOTA activations throughout the year 2012.

    73 Jan OK1NF

  2. Hi Honzo,
    tnx fr your comment. I have to say I was surprised that dipole was so good and aslo that even if the end of dipole one arm was fixed only in a few meters and the second arm lay on ground, the SWR was 1:1 !

    Merry XMAS and many SOTA trips in next year !

    73 and 72 Igor TGI